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Ministries at Sacred Heart


Become a liturgical musician through the art of playing musical instruments, singing, and leading the community in worship. 
Be a lector, server, hospitality minister,  an extraordinary Eucharistic minister, Children Liturgy of the Word Minister, and Mass Coordinator to enhance our liturgies.

Great ways to serve Jesus!


We offer families that have experienced the death of a loved one with Mercy Meals and support to ease the process of burial.

Ministers assist at Funeral Liturgy and provide a meal after the Funeral Service as ways to comfort the families.

You are needed!


Help with the process of RCIA in welcoming new members into the Church.  Your Christian witness can make a powerful impact in someone's life.

Share Scripture with our children at the 10am Sunday Mass - use your creativity!

Wedding Host

Help couples to plan and feel comfortable at weddings.  

Councils and Committees

Be a member of a commission, Committee, and council are great ways to help the parish in its normal operations as well as leadership.

Commissions:  Franciscan Values and social concern, Stewardship, Spiritual Life, Formation.

Councils: Finance, Pastoral
Committees:  Liturgy, Capital Campaign, Restoration


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