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Rebuild My Church

The Lord spoke to St. Francis, saying to him "Rebuild my church, which as you see is in ruins."  Following the Lord's command, St. Francis began his public ministry by rebuilding the churches in the area of Assisi.  Along with the assistance of people of good will, St. Francis repaired many of the churches.  Later on, he realized that the Lord was also asking him to rebuild the souls of people whose the love of God has grown cold.

We realize at Sacred Heart Parish that these words to St. Francis also speak to our hearts.  Our beautiful church and the people of God do need to be repaired.  This website is dedicated to the rebuilding of Sacred Heart Church and Parish.   Welcome!  We pray that our efforts of repair will enflame our hearts to the love of God and neighbor.

Please help Sacred Heart Church to be in good shape to bless future generations with our beautiful worshipping space.  May the Lord bless your generosity.

We are gathering funds to repair the roof of the church.

Target:  $250,000

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