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               Covid-19 Safety Protocol

Until further directed by government officials and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, the following social distancing and cleaning procedure will be observed:

  • Each household unit is to remain at least 6 feet apart.  The pews in church and the floor are marked for easy distance approximation.

  • Church capacity for any event (Mass, wedding, funeral, meeting, etc…) is limited to 240 persons (30% of capacity).  The chapel can only hold 15 people to take into account social distancing (overflows into the church’s sanctuary if needed).

  • Hand sanitizers are available at the entrances of the church.  For the safety of all, please use them upon entering and exiting the area of worship.  Because of the shortage of supply, if you have your own sanitizer, please bring and use that.

  • Medical face mask are to be worn as it may prevent the spread of Covid-19.  If you cannot afford to get one (or find one), please check

  • Ushers and ministers of the Mass (lector, cantor, Mass coordinator) will clean the church with soap and water after each public use.  This preventative measure is used because it is recommended by the CDC, is available during the shortage of cleaning wipes and chemicals, and is less damaging to the pews.

    • Hymnals are removed from the pews to avoid having to clean them after every liturgy.  If we need worship aids, a one-time use worship aid will be provided.

  • To provide for adequate cleaning and safety, there will be one Mass provided on Saturdays at 5pm, and one Mass provided on Sundays at 9am.

  • The church will be cleaned after every liturgical use using soap and water.  Ministers (ushers, lector, Mass coordinators, etc…) will organize the cleaning of the church after every liturgical use.  Cleaning ministry is voluntary, not a requirement to be a minister at Mass.

  • Communion (Body of Christ) is given only in the hands.  Ushers will indicate when your row should approach the Eucharistic ministers to receive communion. 

    • The reception of Holy Communion is optional, receive only when you are comfortable with health conditions.  If you only wish to receive a blessing, please remain in your seat and do not approach the Eucharistic ministers.  Remember that the whole community is blessed at the dismissal of Mass.

  • Although all entrances to the church will be opened (for safety reasons), you are encouraged to enter the church through the parking lot door so that there is an orderly way of entering which will take into consideration social distancing.

Practical matters and helpful attitudes:

  • The Archdiocese has emphasized that the obligation to attend Mass on the weekends is lifted until November 1st, 2020 (All Saints).  This is to say that whenever there is a physical gathering, there is a risk involved in passing viruses along.  We can and should reduce unnecessary risks.  However, it is not possible to eliminate all risks of catching diseases from one another.  Therefore, please take into consideration your reality and adjust accordingly:

    • Those who have medical concerns should stay at home and view the Mass via the Internet or participate at Mass in our parking lot (5pm Saturdays only).  Sacred Heart Parish will continue to provide video presentations of the Mass until “normalcy” can be reestablished (

    • If you have been exposed to or tested positive for Covid-19 or suffering from other infectious illnesses, stay at home until cleared by medical professionals.

    • Attitudes: Please have patience, we are trying to adjust to quickly changing situations (clarity and procedures are being worked out as needed).  Be flexible – not everything is available or is the way that we have been used to doing (the pew where you normally sit may be occupied by someone else for example).  Be courteous to your Christian brothers and sisters who out of their desire for spiritual connection have taken the time and considered the risks involved to come to worship – treat one another as Christ would treat each of us.

  • Physical Meetings and the use of parish’s public spaces may begin on June 1st, 2020 provided social distancing and cleaning procedures are followed.

  • Bathrooms in the parish should be used for emergencies.  Lysol is available for your use before and after visiting the bathroom.  We will try to keep the bathroom clean, but it is not feasible for Sacred Heart to clean the bathrooms after every single use.

  • If you wish to have access to holy water for your home use, bring a container with water in it.  The priest will bless your water after Mass upon request.


At this point, this is about as much clarity as I can provide.  For those who would like to remain home until situations have improved, we can continue to stay connected through the internet (


May the Lord grant you peace and Joy.


Fr. Duc Pham

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