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Fr. Duc's Recommended Reading List

Knowledge is not only power.  It is the resource we need to make good decisions, maintain calmness in a storm, know ourselves, be in touch with history, and chart our way forward in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

This is just my short list of reading that I found helpful in my own development as a human person, Catholic, and Franciscan.

If you are short on funds and would like to borrow these from my library, please contact the Parish Office (317-638-5551)

My Story

From Christendom to Apostolic Mission, University of Mary.  Only 94 pages long.  This book is a delight to read.  It helps to explain the time in which we live in and what we need to do as a church to advance the Mission of God, in which the Church shares.

Christendom to Apostolic Mission.JPG

Rebuilt, Michael White and Tom Corcoran.  292 pages long.  Help your local parish to be Mission driven and full of joy.  The inspiring story of how a parish changes its outlook, became more hopeful, and grew during our time.  Full of good lessons learned from their hard-won experiences.


The Enneagram Made Easy, Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele.  161 pages long.  The Enneagram has been a good tool of self discovery for many persons throughout the years.  This work will help you to recognize your personal challenges, its benefits, and a way to grow more wholesome.

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